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We Ski & Travel the World!




Participation in our extraordinary trips is exclusive to our members. Our journeys lead us to the most remarkable ski destinations worldwide. We provide options for weekend getaways, week-long adventures, and even extended multi-week ski trips. However, our offerings don't end there. We also organize captivating trips around the world that focused on sightseeing or engaging in special activities such as hiking. Explore our "Been There!" page to discover the incredible places we have visited!

     Been There!

Event Discounts


Members get exclusive discounted tickets for events such as, the Kick-off Picnic, Wine Party, and many others!


Full website access

Our members can access the membership directory, comprehensive event details, and interactive forums. Connect with fellow members, participate in discussions, and gain insight into their upcoming plans through our forum community.



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Membership in OVSC

As a valued member of our club, you have the incredible opportunity to participate in a wide range of trips and events organized by any OVSC (Ohio Valley Ski Council) clubs. This includes the annual OVSC Summit conference, open to members only, where you can meet leaders from other clubs, travel vendors, and representatives from leading ski areas. To explore further and discover additional details, please visit

Volunteer Appreciation

In our club, we deeply value and acknowledge the indispensable role of volunteers. They are the heart and soul of our organization, and we are immensely grateful for their dedication. To express our gratitude, we hold an annual Volunteer Appreciation event where volunteers are honored and celebrated for their exceptional contributions.